Digital Classroom Toolbar

In order of appearance (reference the attached image ):


1. Color wheel - choose from a range of colors to draw, type, and create shapes.

2. Select Tool - the select tool allows you to reposition and resize images, objects, and PDFs.

3. Move Canvas - reposition the entire screen in any direction, zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. 

4. Draw Tool - draw, write and annotate images, objects, and PDFs.

5. Eraser Tool - when you hover over any object on the whiteboard it will go grey, right-click to delete the object.

6. Shape Tool - draw a Rectangle, Triangle, Ellipse, or Line of any size. By holding down any Ctrl/ Cmd / Meta to draw a square, equilateral triangle, or circle. 

7. Text Tool - will insert a box you can type in and drag to resize or reposition.

8. Equation Tool - has 2 options, insert a math formula or a graph, for more information read The

9. Equation Tool / The Graphing Tool

10Upload an Image or PDF - Upload an image/PDF from your files. 

11. Take Video Snapshot - Choose to take a snapshot of your / your student's screen which will be uploaded into your Whiteboard as an image you can annotate on, for more information watch here. 

12. Change Background - Change the background to a grid size of your choice or to a black background. 

13Zoom to Fit - zooms the whiteboard in or out to a view Full One Page of your work. 

14. Undo - undo previous change

15Redo - redo previous change.